Route and maps
Bettmeralp is situated in Wallis, in the south part of Switzerland, near the border of Italy    
(across from the famous simplonpass)
By airplane:
From airport Geneva, the train to Brig (about 2,5 hours), Mattherhorn-Gotthard express to Betten Talstation (15 minutes), gondola to Bettmeralp.
By train:
Night-train/Ski-train or by normal train. Mostly through Basel to Brig, from Brig with the Matterhorn-Gotthard express to Betten Talstation.
By car:
Through Germany or Luxemburg/ France to Basel, Bern, Kandersteg (autoverlad), Goppenstein, Brig, Betten Talstation. Travel time from Utrecht about 10 hours.
Utrecht 926 km
Geneve 185 km
Milaan 230 km
Lugano 200 km